Data Regarding the Migration of English-speaking and French-speaking People to Canada: Reports and Maps

The documents are available in French only.

The purpose of this study was to give an accurate overview of the migration patterns between the Canadian economic regions based on language, thus helping us identify the areas exposed to challenges specifically related to the shift in population. The migration studies that take language into account are rather rare. Therefore, we undertook a study dealing with the migration of English-speaking and French-speaking people to Canada. Presented in the form of five reports, including tables and statistical analyses, as well as 58 thematic maps of geographical analyses, this research (using data provided by Statistics Canada) provides a synthesis of migration trends in Canada according to economic regions and the linguistic variable. The research also outlines the differences between the socio-economic and socio-linguistic characteristics of migrants and non-migrants.

This study and the thematic maps were funded by the Atlantic Metropolis Centre.

Research Reports


logo_pdf.pngRapport complet
       (également accessible sur le site Web du Atlantic Metropolis Centre)

logo_pdf.pngRapport sur le Nouveau-Brunswick

logo_pdf.pngRapport sur l'Ontario

logo_pdf.pngRapport sur le Québec

logo_pdf.pngRapport sur Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador

Thematic Maps

  • Document explicatif, version PDF
    (Afin de mieux comprendre les différents concepts présentés dans ces cartes,
    il est conseillé de consulter le document explicatif ci-dessus.)
  • Carte de référence, version PDF
    (Cette carte indique les noms des régions économiques.)
  • Cartes sur la migration infraprovinciale et interprovinciale, cliquez ici.
  • Cartes sur les taux de migration d'entrée et de sortie, cliquez ici.
  • Cartes sur les caractéristiques socioéconomiques et sociolinguistiques des migrants et des non-migrants, cliquez ici.