The National Research Hub on Official Language Minority Communities

Issue 20 - Anniversary - Linguistic Minorities and Society Journal

The Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities (CIRLM) is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the journal Linguistic Minorities and Society its 10th anniversary by publishing an anniversary issue.

This is also the first issue published:
  • under a Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0
  • in continuous publication, by posting articles online up to three times for each issue
  • in full processing on Érudit with the function to automatically generate PDFs from the XML (the articles are thus available in pdf and html formats)
We are releasing today the first three articles of this anniversary issue:

Éric Forgues - Les modèles de gouvernance des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire
Graham Fraser - Language, Federalism and Canadian Diplomacy
Michel Seymour - Six millions de solitudes : les francophones du Québec dans l'État fédéral canadien