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Woman in Official Language Minority Communities

QUESCREN-CIRLM Conference at the Acfas Congress
Call for Papers

Photo credit Manifestation La nuit des femmes GatineauOttawa 21 septembre 1984. Photographie de Gilles Benoît

Deadline for Call for Papers: February 11, 2024
Conference dates: May 14-15, 2024
Conference venue: 91st Annual Acfas Congress, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Be part of our conference on women in Canada’s Official Language Minority Communities!

Possible themes:

  • Women’s roles in history, the economy and labour market, public policy and institutions, and the transmission of language and culture
  • Women's movements and leadership 
  • Women and sexual and gender minorities invisibilized in society: minoritization of particular groups, intersectionality
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