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La minorisation linguistique, entre discrimination et domination symbolique. Différences et enjeux de deux lectures des inégalités

Written by Pascale Rioux :: [Thursday, 19 December 2019 10:21] Last updated by Pascale Rioux :: [Thursday, 22 July 2021 10:31]
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Year: 2019 Authors and Collaborators Hambye, Philippe; Theme Canada
Linguistic minorities
Volume and number: , No 12 Journal: , Linguistic Minorities and Society Publishing Company: , Inclusion, exclusion et hiérarchisation des pratiques langagières dans les espaces plurilingues au 21e siècle Pages : , 15-30 DOI : Abstract When cases of linguistic minorization are discussed, they are often associated with processes of domination or discriminaion, in such a way that these terms could appear as deeply linked to each other, or as synonyms. Yet, this paper aims at underlining what distinguishes an approach of minorization rooted in a critical discussion of "domination" from an approach in terms of discrimination. The analysis mainly attempts to catch the specific view of social problems conveyed by the notion of discrimination and what its diffusion owes to its promixity with the socio-political view that has become hegemonic nowadays.