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Renouveler sa posture réflexive sur l'équité et l'éducation inclusive : retour sur une initiative de formation auprès du personnel enseignant d'une école élémentaire de langue française en Ontario

Written by Pascale Rioux :: [Tuesday, 16 June 2020 09:25] Last updated by Pascale Rioux :: [Tuesday, 20 July 2021 11:55]
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Year: 2020 Authors and Collaborators Farmer, Diane; Connelly, Christine; Theme Education
Francophones Outside Quebec
Volume and number: , 48-1 Journal: , Éducation et francophonie Publishing Company: , La francophonie : un objet à redéfinir Pages : , 184-209 Abstract

In this thematic issue examining the redefinition of Francophonie, we present a theoretical reflection on a teacher training initiative that was conducted at a Toronto-area French-language elementary school, based on Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (MOE, 2009). Inspired by education researchers’ work on reflectivity, we investigate the variety of ontological and epistemological stances that teachers can take in the context of equity and inclusive education. We first present several discursive orientations that oppose oppression: Marxist, liberal, feminist, postmodern, postcolonial and poststructural orientations, as well as Indigenous approaches to knowledge. We then draw on the work of a 1st grade teacher taken from an action research project on gender stereotypes, to illustrate possible ontological and epistemological stances. With a view to extending our educational support, we conclude with a table inviting the teaching staff to reflect on the ontological and epistemological stances adopted in their praxis. In this table, we raise questions aimed at supporting the ever-growing potential of a renewed reflective stance.