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Issue 19 - Varia - Linguistic Minorities and Society Journal

The team of the journal Linguistic Minorities and Society Journal (LMS) is pleased to announce the publication of a varia issue composed of 8 texts (Issue 19).

In this issue, readers will find six articles on language insecurity and glottophobia, French language acquisition in a linguistic minority context, access to health care for official language minority communities, the challenge of bilingualism in the workplace for francophone social workers in a minority context, the financial dependence of associations of the Canadian francophonie and the so-called "Anglophone" crisis, and the flow of internally displaced persons to the francophone Grassfields of Cameroon.

Two books are reviewed: "Le marché et la langue occitane au vingt-et-unième siècle : microactes glottopolitiques contre substitutionn" and "North American Gaels: Speech, Story, and Song in the Diaspora.

Enjoy your reading!