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De l’ACJA à l’ACJC ou de l’Action nationale à l’Action catholique : associations jeunesse et mobilisations collectives en Acadie, 1908-1942

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Year: 2017 Authors and Collaborators Volpé, Philippe; Theme Acadia
Official Language Communities
Community Engagement
History and folklore
Volume and number: , 46(2) Journal: , Acadiensis : Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region City: , Fredericton Publishing Company: , University of New Brunswick Abstract Through a study of the Association catholique de la jeunesse canadienne-française in the Maritime Provinces, the author explains the reorientation of the Acadian collective mobilizations that took place during the first half of the 20th century from National Action to Catholic Action. Interpreting and contextualizing this transition through a study of the polemics – generational conflicts and relations with Others – which have structured the ACJC, the article also offers an initial synthesis on the history of youth associations and Catholic Action movements in Acadie before 1960, two central themes of the Acadian history of the period, but so far unstudied.