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L'ambition territoriale dans le dossier de la santé en français

Written by Louis-Patrick St-Pierre :: [Thursday, 28 October 2010 10:30] Last updated by Azure René de Cotret :: [Wednesday, 02 December 2020 10:35]
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Year: 2010 Authors and Collaborators Gilbert, Anne; Lefebvre, Mario; Bouchard, Louise; Theme Francophones Outside Quebec
Health and Wellness
Social Service
Journal: , Francophonies d'Amérique Book Title (chapter): , Relier, relayer, relater les francophonies d’Amérique Collection: , 29 Pages : , 55-78 Abstract Ten years ago the ruling on the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa recognized health as an essential component of the life of francophone minorities. To what extent has the right to be served in French in local health institutions lead to territorial aspirations within the francophone leadership? This paper analyses the interventions by 38 participants in a virtual cartography exercise on the future of health services offered to Franco-Ontarians. As far as health is concerned, the results show that participants were reluctant to construct a distinct francophone territory. Institutions were mentioned but seen only as a distant goal rather than a current concern. The impact of such a response on the future of health services in French is explored.