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Défis associés à l'offre de services de santé et de services sociaux en français au Manitoba : perceptions des professionnels

Written by Louis-Patrick St-Pierre :: [Saturday, 21 July 2012 15:08] Last updated by Azure René de Cotret :: [Monday, 30 November 2020 15:47]
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Year: 2012 Authors and Collaborators de Moissac, Danielle; de Rocquigny, Janelle; Giasson, Florette; Tremblay, Cindy-Lynne; Aubin, Natalie; Charron, Marc; Allaire, Gratien; Theme Accessibility of services
Health and Wellness
Social Service
Volume and number: , 18 (2) Journal: , Reflets : revue d'intervention sociale et communautaire Pages : , 66-100 Abstract
Health and social services in French are accessible to only one quarter of the francophone population in Manitoba (de Moissac, 2011). A shortage of health professionals capable of offering services in French is perceived as a significant obstacle, not only for clients requesting these services but also for health professionals wanting to assure referral and follow-up care in French for their clients. Does the reluctance to identify one’s self as francophone and the lack of knowledge in regards to available resources in French contribute to this perception of professional shortage? This article deals with the challenges associated with the offer of health and social services in French in Manitoba and potential solutions to improve access to these services.