The National Research Hub on Official Language Minority Communities

Launch of "Linguistic Minorities and Society" Journal Issue 21

 Heritage, Memory and Vitality of Linguistic Minorities

 Join us for the launch of a new issue of the Linguistic Minorities and Society journal. It explores the positive impact of heritage and memory on social cohesion and community resilience, while considering risks around political manipulations of the past and exclusionary interpretations of history.

The event will feature presentations in French and English by Alain Roy, Éric Forgues, Mathieu Wade, Benoit Grenier, Marie-Hélène Comeau, Yves Frenette, and Dorothy Williams. Simultaneous subtitles will be provided in the alternate language.

This journal issue was guest-edited by Patrick Donovan (QUESCREN), Anne Robineau (CIRLM), Lorraine O'Donnell (QUESCREN), and Éric Forgues (CIRLM). It gathers articles first presented at the conference of the same name during the 88th Acfas congress in 2021.


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