Publication of the ninth issue of the journal Linguistic Minorities and Society - Mars 2018

Youth Mental Health in Official Language Minority Community (OLMCs) in Canada: Situation Analysis

Guest-edited by Ann M. Beaton, Monique Benoit, Paulin Mulatris and Jérémie B. Dupuis

For many years in Canada, mental health has been identified as a national priority (Canadian Mental Health Commission, 2009). However, to this day it must be noted that official language communities in a minority situation (OLMCs) remain vulnerable in the Canadian context with regard to both the prevalence of mental health problems as well as access to care. Beaton, Benoit, Mulatris and Dupuis have called upon researchers to provide an update on the matter of mental health and access to support for individuals who have come from OLMCs. This thematic issue entitled “Youth Mental Health in Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs) in Canada: Situation Analysis” is the result of a successful pancanadian collaboration. This thematic issue of the Linguistic Minorities and Society journal casts new light on the mental health and the appeal for help among youth who belong to OLMCs.

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