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Time to 'play catch up' : Towards a postcolonial understanding of Francophone realities

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Année : 2011 Auteur(s) et collaborateur(s) Thompson, Laura A.; Thème Éducation
Revue : , Canadian Issues Pages : , 64-68 Résumé
Drawing from Willinsky (1998, 2006) and the results of my doctoral research on the lived experiences of Francophone youth in Alberta (Thompson, 2008), I highlight some of the realities of being Francophone in (Western) Canada. I juxtapose curriculum theory and the words of my high school participants to better understand Willinsky's notion of learning about the "divided world" and "who belongs where." I look to curriculum scholars who undertake a postcolonial reading of place, and I also look to create a space for Francophone youth of various ethnic, linguistic and racial origins to describe their lived experiences and give them voice. While the mandate of Francophone schools in a minority setting such as Alberta is to secure a sense of belonging to the French language and the Francophone community (Alberta Learning, 2001), it seems that we - as curriculum leaders in public school teaching, teacher training and curriculum research - need to pay close attention to pedagogical practices which foster the teaching and learning of postcolonial curriculum perspectives in Francophone and Acadian schools.