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Legal environment of official languages in Canada

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Année : 2007 Auteur(s) et collaborateur(s) Foucher, Pierre; Thème Canada
Langues officielles
Politique linguistique
Volume et numéro : , 185 Revue : , International Journal of the Sociology of Language Pages : , 53-69 Résumé Language rights are an important part of the socio-legal encironment in Canada. This article examines the constitutional division of legislative powers over language in Canada and its consequence on language rights. It also looks into constitutional language rights to ascertain how these rights shape the future of linguistic communities in Canada. The article shows that constitutionally protected language rights foster the constitutional dialogue theory and helps to advance the status and power of French and English minorities in a delicate balance between courts and legislatures, federal and provincial jurisdictions, and English minorities in Quebec and French minorities outside Quebec. Adapted from the source document

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