Nzeyimana, Frederic

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Intérêt de recherche sur les minorités linguistiques Parenting in Canadian context.

Culture defines how we behave, our expectations and our attitudes. A newcomer comes from a context that can be very different from the Canadian one, and without understanding the educational system, newcomer parents/families are at a disadvantage when dealing with teachers, the principal or other staff. As an educator and newcomer parent advocate, I have been strongly aware of issues facing immigrant families for the past 10 years, and have invested a great deal of time in studying the problem. I have used my experience and resources to develop tools that help newcomer families to understand how their attitudes and involvement can make all the difference to their children’s academic achievement.
2006, "C'est Choix c'est l'école de langue française", Ce qu'un parent devrait savoir néo canadien sur le Système scolaire canadien, Parents partenaires en éducation, Ottawa