La situation des artistes dans la francophonie canadienne - Novembre 2013

Robineau, Anne in cooperation with William Floch and Josée Guignard Noël (2013), La situation des artistes dans la francophonie canadienne. Rapport de l’étude [The situation of Francophone artists across Canada. Report of the study], for the Canada Council for the Arts and the Fédération culturelle canadienne-française, Moncton, Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities, 145 p.

Choosing the road to artistic creation and expression within the Canadian Francophonie relates back to a specific reality.  We present it by taking into account six artistic disciplines: 1) media arts, 2) visual arts, 3) music and song, 4) dance, 5) literature and publishing and 6) theatre and by describing their “cultural and artistic ecosystems”.  Here, cultural ecosystem rather refers to the sociolinguistic environment of French-Canadian artists, while artistic ecosystem is rather linked to the structures, organizations and all of the measures that are involved in the production, distribution and reception of works.  The report paints a picture of the main issues faced by artistic and cultural organizations and contains statistics on income, age and the level of education of artists, male and female.  This research is directed above all, but not exclusively, at arts administrators and culture professionals looking to better understand the situation of artists in the specific context of official language minority communities.

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