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Cultural Autonomy, Governing, and French-Speaking Communities in a Minority Situation in Canada

Written by Louis-Patrick St-Pierre :: [Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:57] Last updated by Azure René de Cotret :: [Monday, 30 November 2020 15:06]
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Year: 2010 Authors and Collaborators Traisnel, Christophe; Landry, Rodrigue; Forgues, Éric; Theme Arts - Culture - Heritage - Music
Cultural autonomy
Linguistic minorities
Volume and number: , 29 (1) Journal: , Politique et Sociétés Pages : , 91-114 Abstract Between nation & ethnic group, official language communities in a minority context in Canada are often indecisive in their identity quest. The article proposes the cultural autonomy model as a framework to analyze the identity struggles & the vitality of these communities & focuses on two elements of cultural autonomy  in reference to one of these official language groups, the Francophone & Acadian communities. Following an analysis of political mobility & of the governance structures of these communities, it is observed that the prevalent governance models based on a partnership with the State do not seem to mobilize the communities & may even infringe upon their involvement in a cultural autonomy process necessary for their community vitality.