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The Decline of the English School System in Quebec

Written by Marc Leger :: [Sunday, 30 September 2012 11:30] Last updated by Josée Guignard Noel :: [Wednesday, 05 November 2014 11:10]
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Year: 2012 Authors and Collaborators
  • ; Bourhis, Richard Y.
  • ; Foucher, Pierre
  • Research Themes Quebec Anglophones
    School Setting
    City: , Moncton Publishing Company: , Canadian Institute for Research Linguistic Minorities Abstract This report deals with the declining demographic vitality of the English speaking communities of Quebec (ESCQ) and documents the 50% decline of the English school system suffered since Bill 101. The report highlights the debate surrounding Bill 104 and Bill 103 further limiting access to English schools in the province. Based on the Canadian Charter, our legal analysis shows that Bill 103 undermines both the individual and collective rights of the ESCQ. Two paradigm shifts are proposed: Francophones are a secure dominant majority in Quebec while minority Anglophones need collective rights to protect their vitality development in the Province. Research Report. PDF Version.