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Petite enfance et autonomie culturelle. Là où le nombre le justifie...V

Written by Marc Leger :: [Thursday, 30 September 2010 11:26] Last updated by Josée Guignard Noel :: [Wednesday, 05 November 2014 10:58]
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Year: 2010 Authors and Collaborators
  • ; Landry, Rodrigue
  • Research Themes Cultural autonomy
    Francophones Outside Quebec
    Early Childhood
    Community Vitality
    City: , Moncton Publishing Company: , Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities Abstract In this report based on the 2006 census data, the author discusses early childhood from a new viewpoint: cultural independence.  As explained by the author in his text, cultural independence within a minority linguistic group consists in taking ownership of the environmental components that can contribute the most to its vitality or revitalization.  He intends to demonstrate that early childhood is an influencing and deciding factor in the vitality of Francophone and Acadian communities and that it forms the very foundation of cultural independence. Research Report. PDF Version. This document is only available in French.