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Et après le secondaire ? Aspirations éducationnelles et intentions de faire vie-carrière dans leur communauté des élèves de 12e année des écoles de langue française de l'Ontario

Written by Marc Leger :: [Thursday, 30 September 2010 11:26] Last updated by Kaitie Babin :: [Tuesday, 18 August 2020 13:19]
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Year: 2010 Authors and Collaborators Allard, Réal; Landry, Rodrigue; Deveau, Kenneth; Theme Strong Communities
School Setting
Community Vitality
City: , Moncton Publishing Company: , Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities Abstract This study was conducted on topics related to the vitality and development of the Francophone community in Ontario.  The authors summarized the outcomes of a survey consisting of three study components, i.e. educational aspirations of grade 12 students in French-language schools in Ontario, their intentions to pursue post-secondary studies in French and their intentions to pursue a career in their home region. Summary. PDF Version. This document is available in French only.
Research Report. PDF Version. This document is available in French only.