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The vitality of the English-Speaking Communities of Quebec: From Community Decline to Revival

Written by Marc Leger :: [Tuesday, 30 September 2008 11:24] Last updated by Kaitie Babin :: [Wednesday, 19 August 2020 15:26]
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Year: 2008 Authors and Collaborators Bourhis, Richard Y. (dir.); Theme Quebec Anglophones
Community Vitality
City: , Montreal and Moncton Publishing Company: , Centre d'Études ethniques des universités montréalaises and Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities PDF Version: Chapter 1. Jack Jedwab - How shall we define thee? Determining who is an English-Speaking. Quebecer and Assessing its Demographic Vitality
PDF Version: Chapter 2. Pierre Foucher - Legal Status of Anglophone Communities in Quebec: Options and Recommendations
PDF Version: Chapter 3. William Floch et Joanne Pocock - Emerging trends in the Socio-economic status of English-speaking Quebec: Those who left and those who stayed
PDF Version: Chapiter 4. Patricia Lamarre - English education in Quebec: Issues and Challenges
PDF Version: Chapter 5. James Carter - What future for English-language Health and Social Services in Quebec?
PDF Version: Chapter 6. Guy Rodgers, Jane Needles et Rachel Garber - The Artistic and Cultural Vitality of English-speaking Quebec
PDF Version: Chapter 7. Richard Y. Bourhis - The English-speaking communities of Quebec: Vitality, multiple identities and linguicism
PDF Version: Chapter 8. Jack Jedwab et Hugh Maynard - Politics of Community: The evolving challenge of representing English-speaking Quebecers
PDF Version: Chapter 9. Richard Y. Bourhis et Rodrigue Landry - Group Vitaliy, Cultural autonomy and the Wellness of Language Minorities
Version PDF: Chapter 10. Victor Goldbloom, André Pratte et Graham Fraser - Multiple views on the English-speaking communities of Quebec