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Defining Francophones in Minority Situations: An Analysis of Various Statistical Definitions and their Implications

Written by Marc Leger :: [Saturday, 30 September 2006 11:24] Last updated by Kaitie Babin :: [Tuesday, 18 August 2020 13:18]
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Year: 2006 Authors and Collaborators Forgues, Éric; Landry, Rodrigue; Theme Francophones Outside Quebec
Language Statistics
City: , Moncton and Ottawa Publishing Company: , Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities Abstract Defining a Francophone is a complex issue. In this discussion paper, we present a number of statistical definitions of a Francophone that take into account the linguistic variables used in the census and in a number of Statistics Canada studies. We hope to encourage discussion about these definitions to determine which one is most relevant for conducting statistical analyses on Francophones in minority situations, thereby enabling government officials to use these analyses as a basis for developing public policies and services for this segment of the population.

For Commission on Health Care Research for Francophones in Minority Situations.
Research Report. PDF Version.