Parle-Ouère - Antibilingualism and Francophone Communities. What do we do?

Press release

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Video (in French)

Public discussion on two themes: 1) Understanding: a crisis or a step backwards? 2) Action: what should we do together?

Tuesday January 22, 2019 from 12 noon to 2:00 pm at Le Coude student bar at the Université de Moncton - Campus de Moncton

8 guest panellists: Joseph Yvon Thériault, Stéphanie Chouinard, Isabelle Violette, Mathieu Wade, Christophe Traisnel, Michelle Landry, Maurice Basque and Érik Labelle Eastaugh.

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Parking P9 is free for a 2 hours period

*Address : Université de Moncton : 18 avenue Antonine-Maillet, Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick/New Brunswick, E1A 3E9